Generali with 20% promotional discount on Household Insurance

Generali Insurance AD is about to enjoy its customers with promotion for Household insurance.

Household insurance of Generali Insurance has a wide range  of insurance coverage, such  as fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, falling down of aircraft, its parts or cargo, the cost of clearing the rubble and hotel expenses  are major coatings. Other coverage are additional and constituencies and give you more security protection.

Generali Insurance customers jave the opportunity to benefit from an attractive discount of 20% for individual and package Household Insurance. This Promotional proposal is yet another helping hand to customers who prefer to take full advantage of the facilities offered by Generali Insurance.

Household insurance is also available with two new insuranse coverage - breaking windows and looting.

You can purchase Household insurance in several different ways - in the best convenient for you Generali branch or online on . All customers ordered online insurance receive an extra 10% discount.