General information about registration of damage

Have you ever register a claim in Generali Insurance AD?

A car accident or flood at home, accident or loss of your cargo?

Do you know how to register a claim, to get an indemnity or recoup your losses? Just take a few minutes to find the answers of all these questions, in order to be sure that you will react fast and adequate when an insurance event occurs.

The most important things you need to know in case of claim are:

  • You should know your rights and obligations described in General Terms and Conditions in your policy;
  • You should immediately inform the respective authorities when needed as well as your insurer for the occurred event.
  • Take all the measures necessary to prevent further damages;
  • You must provide all the documents needed to prove the grounds and amount of your claim described in the General Terms and Conditions in the insurance policy or in Annexes № 1 and № 11 to the Indemnity Rules published on our site.

In case you have Casco insurance?

In case you have Casco insurance and there was a theft, robbery or arson of your personal vehicle or you have established damages after it has been stolen, including arson, immediately call us on twenty-four-hour telephone number + 359 2 92 67 222. You should call us within 2 hours after you found out about the insurance event. This phone is available for your calls 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The employee in our CALL CENTER will ask you a few questions. Your precise answers will provide the prompt reaction of the company.

Within 24 hours after you found out for the insurance event you must appear in person or through your representative at the nearest office of the company. It is necessary to bring your insurance policy, the registration certificate of the vehicle-Part I and II, the keys to the vehicle, remote for the alarm system and other security devices, talon for marking vehicle, talon for annual technical inspection, receipt for paid traffic tax.

If the damage to the vehicle is done while it was parked, by intentional actions of third parties or by natural disasters, you should inform the insurer in written form or by visiting office of the company within 3 working days since the date of the occurrence of the event or after you learned about it. You should fill in request for inspection and provide all of the documents in order to prove the occurrence of the insurance event. If the three-day notification period expires at non-working day you must notify the insurer on the next working day.

You should not try to repair your vehicle before it was inspected by representative of the company, except in the cases when you received company’s approval in advance.

If the insurance is effective outside the borders of Republic of Bulgaria and the insurance event occurs there, you should inform us on our twenty-four-hour phone +359 2 92 67 222. After that you will receive detailed instructions for your following actions.

If you have MTPL insurance ?

If you have MTPL insurance and there was a traffic accident with whom you caused material and non material damages to third parties you should inform the insurer within 7 days term after the event occurred. The same is referable in the cases when you are abroad and you are the guilt party.

In case there is a claim filed against you, you should inform the insurer not less than seven days before the first court session. The notification should contain information on the date, year and number of the case in which court is scheduled to be heard and what is the amount of the claim. You are required to request for inclusion of the insurer in the case.

If you are the injured person with the right to have a claim for indemnity under the policy issued by the company you should inform us in the same 7 days period after the occurrence of the event. Address your claim in written form at the most convenient for you office of the company by filling by the document according to the pattern of the insurer or by writing an application with free text. Don’t try to remove the damages to your property before the examination or approval of the insurer. You can receive all the information you need on our twenty-four-hour phone number +359 2 92 67 222. You should prove the insurance event by submitting the original of the protocol for the accident, Statement of facts or other official document issued by the Ministry of Interior or the judicial system. The document must clearly indicate the circumstances and causes of the event.

If you have Green card?

If an insurance event occurs abroad involving client of Generali Insurance with Green card, the insured requires copies of all official police documents and insurance policies of the other participants. When there is a claim for material or non material damages by a person injured during the accident an authorized local representative of Generali Group, after informing Generali Insurance AD, can handle the claim on behalf of the company.

The Green card insurance does not cover penalties or any other administrative sanctions for non observation of the law of the respective countries and it does not cover payment of guarantees related with security measures and criminal convictions.

If you have insured your cargo at Generali Insurance AD?

If you have Cargo insurance and insurance event occurs you should inform the insurer in written form within 24 hours after you found out for the event but not later than 72 hours since the event took place. To establish the amount of the damages and the causes for them, contact emergency Commissioner whose address is described on the policy or use another agent acting in the territory where the event occurred. For any further questions regarding the accident you can call our twenty-four-hours phone +359 2 92 67 222.

If you have insured your property in Generali Insurance?

If you have insured your property in Generali Insurance and there was an insurance event you should inform the insurer at the closest office in the cases of: fire, explosion, malicious acts, theft or burglary within 24 hours or on the first working day following the occurrence of the event or its disclosure. For the other types of insurance events you should fill in form for request for inspection according to the pattern of the insurer in the most convenient for you office within 3 days after the insured event occurred or you found out about it. Do not try to remove the damages before the inspection of the insurer.

If you decide to save some time you have the possibility to fill the online form for property damages registration. You should do this within the terms mentioned above.

If you have claim under your Household insurance you can use our new service and self-describe the damages without committing with the examination made by the insurance expert by calling 02/92 67 222.
Employee in the Assistance Center will inform you if you are allowed to undertake the initial steps in the processing of the claim.

You have an accident insurance?

In case of accident or illness which led to temporary or permanently disability you should inform in written form the insurer at the closest office and in the shortest terms.

If you have Travel insurance?

In case of accident or acute condition you can refer to:

  • Generali Insurance AD – phone + 359 2 92 67 222, fax: + 359 2 92 67 112
  • To the assistance company Europe Assistance Hungary with phone number + 36 1 465 36 16 Fax. + 36 1 458 44 45 E-mail:

The assistance company will confirm the coverage of your expenses and will execute direct payment to the medical center.

If you insured your farming?

If your animals are injured – inform us within 3 days after the occurrence of the event . If your crops are damaged – inform us within 7 days since the insurance event has occurred.

If you have Medical insurance Zakrila?

And if an insurance event occurs – please fill in request for reimbursement of expenses with all required information and attach the requested documents, according to the costs made. List with all documents for request for reimbursement in Medical insurance Zakrila you can find here.

Right after you registered your claim in one of our offices the process of its handling begins. The indemnity payment will be executed within 15 days since all of the necessary documents have been provided.

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